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Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) Partnership Opportunity

We have established a partnership program to offer our rIoT Technology through our system partners, integrators, engineering and consulting firms. rIoT Technology is the only truly open IIoT solution that supports Wonderware Online; AT&T M2X; GE Predix; Verizon Thingspace; Microsoft Power BI; AWS IoT; Azure IoT and many more.


We will be pleased to work and share value with firms that meet a certain set of requirements. We offer you the following as our partner:


  • Assistance in on-boarding process and securing your end clients

  • Shared marketing and presentation to the end clients and potential customers

  • Free software license to use for internal training and demo

  • Periodic training on the software and applications

  • Partner rates for software license and training


In addition, we provide consulting services to integrate off-the-shelf hardware into your clients’ projects.


With the prevalence of the IIoT solutions, this would provide a significant opportunity for our partners and integrators to help their clients and grow their business. We look forward to developing a mutually rewarding business relationship with you.


For more information, please contact us at

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