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Who we are

We are engineers, defined by the passion of engineering and technology and believe in building relationship based on a culture of loyalty, trust and ingenuity. We help our clients to manage and automate their industrial processes by making data available in a reliable, efficient and secure way and to store, retrieve and analyze the real-time data on demand.


Our Clients

Since 2007, we have been adding to our client base every year. Our clients are part of a big spectrum in need of Control and Automation services. Our systems are used in municipalities, universities, hospitals and other industrial processes, facilities or utilities that deal with mission critical operations. Our diverse skill set allows us to perform in multiple roles as we work with our clients. For some clients, we help them with system design and integration. For others, we have provided services that involves software development, message security and industrial network management. No matter at what level we work with our clients, our clients have always counted on us as a partner to take on the most challenging tasks.


Proven History

Working with our great clients has always been a pleasure and privilege. We fully understand that the systems we are working on are mission critical systems. By allowing us to provide services on these systems, our clients have put a great deal of trust in us. This is a privilege that we do not take lightly.  We have worked very hard to honor this trust and are happy to have built a history that reflects it.


Excellent Support

Our philosophy for support is to take ownership of the problem and drive it to the final resolution. Ask our clients for examples that we have engaged with their IT, Networking, Consulting Firms … on their behalf to solve a problem for them.


Diverse Skill Sets

We work with our clients at many different technical levels. It is only possible due our diverse skill sets. We understand substation and distribution protection schemes, protocols, timing requirements, and security measures. We have an excellent knowledge of communication protocols such as OPC, DNP, IEC 61850, ICCP, Modbus, MV90, protection relays, re-closers, PLC, RTUs and data concentrators. We have working knowledge of communication systems such as MAS radios, cell systems, trunk radios, network equipment such as routers, converters and firewalls. When we work with larger utilities, we utilize our programming skills which has allowed our clients to develop custom applications to manage very large critical systems. When it comes to real-time IoT platforms, we are among only a handful of firms that can combine the knowledge of legacy industrial and process automation with IoT data communication platforms such as MQTT.   


Industry Knowledge and Alliances

Our philosophy in system design and integration is to provide a system that is the best for the client’s unique situation. We do not represent any software or hardware vendor exclusively, however, we have a vast knowledge of software and hardware in the Control Industry and have system integrator relationship with some of the vendors. As a few examples, we have a very good knowledge of software and equipment of Schweitzer Engineering Lab (SEL), Cooper, Wonderware, Siemens S7 Series and GE and are a certified software integrator with GE Intelligent Platforms. In regards to modern IoT platforms, we have working knowledge of the main platforms such as Microsoft IoT Hub, AWS IoT, Verizon Thingspace, AT&T M2X and IBM Watson. This knowledge and variety of the vendor relationships has helped our clients to arrive at an optimum solution for their projects. 




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