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Download your free trial RTU, Logic Engine, HMI, Historian and Alarming in a box!

RIoT Engine for Windows (download rIoTExe_setup.msi)

-RTU, Protocol Convertor, HMI, Historian and Email notification

Scripting engine to implement control schemes and data analytics

-Implements advanced edge analytics, ML and AI algorithms

-Supports DNP3.0 Client/Server, Modbus TCP (Client/Server), OPC DA Client, MQTT Server

-Optional Protocols: SNMP, OPC UA, Ethernet/IP (Coming soon), BACNet (Coming soon)

free download

RIoT Explorer (download rIoTExplorer_setup.msi)

Windows application to configure RIoT Engine

free download 


RIoT DNP3.0 (download rIoTDnp3Config_setup.msi)

Extension module to configure DNP3.0 protocol

free download 


RIoT Modbus TCP (download rIoTModbusTcp_ setup.msi)

Extension module to configure Modbus TCP Server protocol

free download 

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