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rIoT Technology Product Information

When you are ordering a service, solution, product or call for support, please make sure you provide the following information:

Analytics, View, Report and Notifications: SKYVIEW


  1. HSD: On-Prem or hosted by the client. Full ID: SKYVIEW-HSD

  2. CLD: Cloud which is managed by us. Full ID: SKYVIEW-CLD


Edge Component: RIOT

Software Engine: RIOTNNN: NNN is the engine tier level.


Hardware Options:

  1. I20: Compact Engine with Cell Modem

  2. CPL: Emerson CPL 410 PLC


Example: RIOT100-I20: rIoT Engine loaded on I20 hardware

Example: RIOT100-CPL: rIoT Engine loaded on Emerson CPL 410 PLC

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