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Edge Solutions

For the Edge components, we offer an innovative solution called realtime IoT (rIoT) Engine. Using this technology, you can map data from legacy equipment such as dampers, relays, meters, pumps, etc. to IoT time-series streams. There are a number of advanced features incorporated in the design that make the rIoT Technology ideal for cellular communication. Unlike poll-response legacy algorithms, rIoT Technology uses smart algorithms to utilize the bandwidth only when it is needed. Using rIoT Technology, our clients have managed to save on data communication cost significantly..

Supported industrial communication protocols 

SNMP, OPC, DNP3.0, MQTT, MODBUS RTU, MODBUS TCP, Hardwired I/O and more.

Supported cloud services

Wonderware Online, Predix, AT&T M2X, Verizon Thingspace, Power BI, Splunk, Azure IoT, AWS IoT, FTP, SQL ingestion, General REST API’s, and more.

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