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IIoT Projects

As the end user, you may want to use external services to implement your next IIoT project in a turn-key fashion. We provide the following services to help you with your next project:


  • Gather the requirements, calculate the I/O count and define the interfaces

  • Assemble the hardware and I/O modules needed for the project

  • Provide the IoT SIM cards, integrate the embedded cellular modems, configure and provision

  • Configure the field communication protocols and data maps

  • Configure the cloud services

  • Develop the add-on applications

  • Configure the alarms and notifications

  • Draw the HMI pictures

  • Create the reports, counts and accumulators

  • Provide support for field commissioning and start-up

  • Provide system support

Please contact us to discuss your next IIoT project.

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