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SCADA Solutions

We provide SCADA solutions to our clients. We have been trusted by a number of large organizations to implement their SCADA and mission critical systems in the past.

We interface your existing SCADA system to modern cloud solutions. SCADA packages are integrated solutions with limited flexibility. Adding analytics, reports and intelligence to support decision system is not easy. In addition, more and more third-party systems such as finance, asset management, maintenance, sales and CRM are provided as cloud services. Using our rIoT technology, we create a copy of your process data in our time-series and build advanced applications on top. The data path is very secure as the data in ingested via outbound connections


In addition, if you need help in the design or implementation for your SCADA project, we are here to help. We help you to implement your SCADA system by providing end-to-end services as follows:

  • Software installation and configuration

  • HMI design and implementation

  • Historian configuration and reporting

  • RTU or PLC panel design and programming

  • Startup and commissioning services

Please contact us to discuss your next SCADA project.

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