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Save your process realtime data in AT&T M2X platform using rIoT Technology

What is AT&T M2X: At its core, M2X is a cloud-based time-series data storage service that facilitates data transfer and analysis of data from connected devices, applications and services (what we call "Devices" in M2X). For more information, please visit

What is rIot Technology: rIoT Technology is an advanced cloud interface technology that allows you to collect your real-time process data securely and makes it available anywhere and any time. For more information please visit

One of the cloud interface that rIoT implements is AT&T M2X interface. rIoT architecture has three elements:

1. Client interface to acquire data from the process: Process data range from information about individual assets such as HVAC's or Generators acquired by interfacing with each asset independently to industrial process data acquired by interfacing to SCADA systems or controllers. Each data point is called a client stream. Process data can be acquired via a MODBUS link, an OPC client interface, hardwired I/O or other sensor/process communication protocols. A user friendly wizard is available to walk the user through the client configuration

2. Server interface to send data to the cloud service: This is usually a secure TLS (Https) REST API interface. In this example, rIoT uses AT&T M2X endpoints and secure keys to send data to M2X. To establish connection to M2X service, user needs to enter the secure key provided by M2X platform. This key saved in the device and can be changed if the key is revoked for security reasons. rIoT can dynamically detect the existing database in M2X and replicate it in the local devices. Similarly, local configuration can be pushed to the cloud to be replicated in the platform. Each data point in a server device is called a server stream.

3. Mapping: rIoT provides an intuitive wizard to map data from the client streams to the server streams. Server streams are pushed to the cloud after an event is triggered by a client stream. Event categories can be defined separately and included in the mapping table as many times needed.

The following is the result of the implmentation. The client devices in this example are an OPC data source (GE iFIX SCADA) and a MODBUS device.

M2X data chart:

M2X value logs:

For more information about rIoT technology please visit

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