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Connect your Process to GE Predix in Three Simple Steps Using rIoT Technology

What is rIoT Technology: rIoT Technology is an advanced cloud interface technology that allows you to collect your real-time process data securely and makes it available anywhere and anytime. For more information, please visit

GE Predix is an application platform especially made for building and operating apps for the Industrial Internet. Built on Cloud Foundry, Predix is optimized for secure connectivity and analytics at scale - in the Cloud and on the Edge. For more information, please visit

In this article, we demonstrate how easily you can send your process data to GE Predix Time Series database. Once data is in the Predix time series, you can use it for predictive maintenance, process analytics, trending, visualization and much more.

The following picture shows what we will accomplish in this demonstration:

Step 1: Define a process interface:

rIoT Technology allows you to define an interface to the process data via protocol interfaces such as Modbus or OPC. Once the data is in the rIoT client point space, it can be mapped to any server interface including GE Predix. In this example, we use a Modbus TCP interface to connect to a processes controller. For more details in how you can use the rIoT Explorer wizards to define Modbus interfaces, please refer to other posts of this blog.

Step 2: Define the Predix interface:

Using rIoT Explorer wizards, you can define a Predix interface. Please note that your Predix application needs to be already created in the Predix environment by your system administrator. Once the environment is setup, your administrator needs to provide the following information:


  • Client ID

  • Client secret

  • Time series ingest URI

  • Time series ingest zone ID

This information is required to allow the rIoT engine to connect to the right Predix time series. The following picture shows the rIoT Explorer wizard used to enter the Predix information:

The following picture shows the added Predix interface in the rIoT Explorer:

Step 3: Create event generation criteria and mapping:

Now that both client and server interfaces are created, you can map them through an event generation criteria. You can use a simple “any change” criteria in this example. Please refer to other blogs in this series to see how you can create stream mapping. After the mapping is complete, save the configuration and download to the target.


Once the configuration is loaded to the target, rIoT Engine routes the data to the Predix time series. The updates occur almost instantaneously. Here is a screen capture of the values in the rIoT Engine and Predix time series:

Next Step

If you are looking into managing your process and field data intelligently, we need to talk. This example showed you that using rIoT Technology, you can acquire your process data and push into IoT platforms such as AT&T M2X, Verizon Thingspace, Microsoft Power BI and GE Predix for further analysis. The data collected by the IoT platforms can be animated locally on the process schematics. Note that you can start with a single asset and expand to a large-scale implementation as you wish. For more information about rIoT Technology, please visit us at

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