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rIoT Technology Applications

real-time Internet of Things (rIoT) Technology is an advanced technology that provides secure and intelligent connectivity between field devices or controllers and the cloud services.

Field: Field device can be a single sensor, actuator or intelligent relay. A controller can be a PLC or even a SCADA or BMS system. rIoT Technology is capable of interfacing with the process from a single sensor to an enterprise control and monitoring system.

IoT Time-Series Services: IoT Time-Series services provide IT infrastructure to collect time-series data from the field, store and retrieve on demand. In addition, IoT Time-Series Services provide for user authentication and data encryption

Connectivity: Connectivity from the field or Edge to the cloud services is made by TLS technology to preserve user’s data security and authentication. Network data can be sent over cellular links, Internet connections or sensor network communication protocols such as LoRa

After data is collected in the time-series services, data is used for different analytic purposes such as:

Charting and historical analysis

Analyzing sequence of events

Anomaly detection

Notification and alarming

Data visualization

Connection to third party business, operation and corporate systems

Pattern detection and prediction

Data summaries and dashboards

Examples of systems that can be monitored, analyzed and controlled using rIoT Technology::

Electric networks

Hospital equipment

Water networks

Computer networks

Radio Networks


Industrial and manufacturing processes

Power plants

Solar, wind and other forms of renewable energy

Warehouse and logistics

Trucking and automotive ![endif]--

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